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Wowing the judges: SFI Health, home of Flordis, wins the 2021 CMA Judges Choice Award

29 Mar 2021 9:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The CMA Judges Choice award is presented at the discretion of the panel. It is awarded to an individual or company that has introduced a new standard in quality or innovation, which will transform the industry, but which falls out of the category of other CMA awards.

This year, the CMA Judges Choice award goes to SFI Health, home of Flordis, acknowledging the achievement of their ground-breaking work throughout its 20-year history. Their aim has always been to create a place in the integrative medicine industry that is dedicated to leveraging clinically trialled finished products, and elevating the science, research, and credibility behind these medicines.

Congratulations to SFI Health, home of Flordis for taking the 2021 CMA Judges Choice award

From its initial launch in 2000 with a portfolio comprising solely of clinically trailed integrative medicines the Flordis standard was set. In 2006, the company was successful in the registration of Iberogast®, one of the first herbal complementary medicines on the Australian market.  In 2020, their product Femular®, a non-hormonal containing herbal formulation clinically proven to relieve a range of menopause symptoms, was submitted for assessment into the Listed Assessed pathway.

Efficacy, safety and clinical evidence

"A listed assessed outcome will benefit all – consumers, healthcare professionals and the industry," says Robert Hendriks, CEO of SFI Health. "When people walk into a pharmacy or healthcare practice, the label would display a clear mark of efficacy and evidence that they can trust," explains Robert.

"Clinically evidenced products are what we are consciously focusing on with the industry to voice just why our products are so important – because not all-natural products are created equal in that respect" adds Robert.

Robert and the SFI team strongly believe in the importance of integrative medicine backed by clinical evidence. SFI Health began with four products around 20 years ago and now proudly offers more than a dozen clinically researched finished products.

A personal story

A trained medical doctor, Robert has a personal story at the heart of his natural health passion. One of Robert's four daughters had a health challenge that was not being resolved.

"My partner found an integrative healthcare doctor, and eventually, the diagnosis of Lyme disease was made."

As well as being treated with antibiotics, the family used natural products to complement allopathic medicines with positive outcomes.

Responsible use of integrative medicines

Today, the global organisation that is SFI Health is home to brands such as Flordis, Klaire Labs, Potter's and Ginsana; they also offer business to business solutions worldwide via state-of-the-art facilities in Switzerland, the USA and UK. This innovative organisation is evolving into one known for its expertise in microbiome, cognitive health, and wellbeing, working with a vision of enabling people to make informed health choices confidently and responsibly.

"The world needs to know about the benefits of using integrative medicine products. Being dismissive is not good enough or acceptable anymore. We all need to have an open mind and read the evidence, and where appropriate, consider complementary products as part of the treatment regimen. Of course, sometimes, it is appropriate not to use the products – we strongly advocate the responsible use of integrative medicine products," emphasises Robert.

Special recognition

Robert and the team are delighted to be presented with this important award. They have already been making some noise about it on their own social media pages. "Actually, I am flabbergasted at the power of digital – I personally had some 4000 views in just two- or three days. People see it, take notice, and respond to it.

This special recognition reward helps us tremendously to keep the journey. My sincere thanks to the jury and CMA on behalf of all of those, past and present, at SFI Health who have made today possible!" Robert says.

This award is important because we see that what we are doing is being seen, and it is being applauded. Our company is so proud and happy to be presented with this award. We will keep on focusing on our agenda. SFI Health may be a close kept secret, but not for long. Our focus is on efficacy and safety, undisputable clinical evidence, and the responsible use of integrative medicines.

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