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CMG – the award-winning company transforming ideas and bringing innovation to life for Australian SME companies

12 Apr 2021 9:27 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The CMA Wholesaler or Distributor Award celebrates the company that has made the most significant contribution to the complementary medicines industry in the past 12 months. This year, the winner of this important accolade is a third-generation producer of pharmaceutical medicines, Craig Fallshaw and his company, the Complementary Medicines Group (CMG).

CMG CEO, Craig Fallshaw accepts the CMA Wholesaler/Distributor Award

CMG received the most significant number of nominations – more than any other category – for exceptionally high standards of service and product delivery. Judges were impressed with the deep knowledge that supports CMG customers bring their ideas to life, launch, and distribute their products.

A family legacy

Craig's family manufactured vitamins for Blackmores in Manly Vale on Sydney's northern beaches since 1968.  After school and during school holidays, Alongside his parents, cousins, and siblings, Craig worked in his grandfather’s company manufacturing for the Blackmore family who then lived opposite his own family.

After finishing school, Craig studied and became a chef, later touring and working in Queensland and traveling overseas. When he returned to the family business, Craig studied for a naturopathy diploma deepening his product knowledge. The family busines grew and was re-launched as Sphere Healthcare which was later sold in 2009. The following year, Craig launched CMG working from a laptop on a desk in a friend's warehouse.

Meeting the needs of the 30 per cent

“I realised that the existing three big manufacturers serviced about seventy per cent of the industry; larger manufacturers are geared to providing substantial, long runs of product. But what if you need a hundred thousand products and not five million?  What about the remaining thirty per cent or so? Plus, small companies and start-ups may not get the most tailored service?”

Rather than tackle the big companies head-on, Craig realised there was a gap in the market where smaller operators' needs were not being met. Thus, small, or medium-sized start-ups became the core business for CMG providing those clients with the same level of service the same as larger companies expect and are getting. “It's a nice niche that is not exposed to China or export; some do sell via Amazon, but most are domestic," Craig says.

Turning ideas into listable products

CMG provides a full-service model which starts with a client meeting to define the idea around the product; CMG’s technical and Innovation team, led by Dr Brad McEwen, helps turn the client’s idea into a listable product complete with evidence tables. Then, the finished product is supplied via CMG’s TGA-Licenced facility in Warriewood, New South Wales.

The business works hard to help with the entire and sometimes complex process, putting customer service at the core of everything they do. "Quality in our industry is mandated by law, but the level of service we aim to provide to our customers is something we can control."

Excellence in customer service

Proudly, Craig puts part of his company's success down to the delivery of excellent goods and service as well as constant communication plus problem-solving. “We love our customer service people and we love our customers,” Craig says.

Today, Craig's career has turned full circle. Learning the ropes of the complementary medicines industry as a child, studying, travelling, and then returning to his roots and passion has seen great success. And we are sure that there is much more to come.

Celebrating a decade

It was CMG's 10th birthday last year and the company now has 64 staff and runs seven days a week. Around 12 months ago, the flourishing company had outgrown its previous site.

“We are very excited to be starting work on our new 4000sqm manufacturing plant in the heart of the Warriewood Valley. The new site will feature four solid dose packing lines and solid dose and powder sachet lines, as well as Australia's only effervescent tablet production capabilities,” Craig says.

Innovation, ideas, and technology

“I love the industry, the people the products and the creatives so I decided to purchase the new site. manufacturing facility. My vision for the future is for CMG to be a stage for innovation bringing new ideas and technology to Australian champions of complementary medicine.”

Craig ends by saying: "We are a niche business, we don't want to be the biggest, we just want to do the products and processes that others don't and do it to the highest standards possible as we look after our niche customers in SME land.”

Many congratulations to Craig and the team!

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