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Fusion Health wins CMA's Most Outstanding Marketing Campaign (Highly Commended)

20 Jan 2022 9:18 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Congratulations to Fusion Health who have been awarded CMA’s Highly Commended Award for the Most Outstanding Marketing Campaign.

Fusion Health's Sarah Culverhouse (centre) accepts the CMA award for their Wintering Well marketing campaign.

The CMA Judging Panel acknowledged Fusion Health’s fantastic Wintering Well Campaign which focused on bolstering immune health in the colder months. Consumers could find well written, practical ideas on self-care in the Wintering Well Health Hub.


Head of Marketing at Fusion Health, Anita Wolf, says: "The Wintering Well Campaign was designed to highlight traditional holistic medicine's contribution to an individual's health. We wanted to champion community spirit, emotional wellbeing, the importance of nutrition, being active and spending time in nature," says Anita. We feel that all of these are core attributes required to living a balanced and fulfilled life."


The campaign captured some healthy activities typical of an Australian winter with relatable, brand-building content on how to stay well during winter, or 'winter well'. The kind of key brand advocates who would resonate with Fusion Health's target audience were selected. No stick-thin models or influencers with millions of followers on Instagram were featured. The Fusion team set out to use storytelling to reach their audience in a way that made them feel part of the Fusion community.


Practical tips

Wintering Well encouraged people to take time to slow down, rest and sleep. Practising activities such as journaling and meditation were highlighted. Contemplative activities and choosing gentle forms of exercise such as yoga or walking during winter were featured as was the importance of warming and nourishing foods to help balance yin yang during the cooler months.


"Overall, the focus was the importance of supporting the immune system during winter via nutritious and delicious eating and healthy lifestyle factors,” Anita says.



Part of the uplifting Wintering Well campaign was a competition – consumers who purchased a Fusion product could enter to win $500 to spend at their local health food store. The delighted winners stocked up on their favourite products while supporting their health and their favourite health food stores during a challenging year for bricks and mortar retail.


"We also ran an in-store merchandising competition for our stockists," says Anita. "They appreciated the $1000 cash prize plus $500 donation to a charity of their choice," Anita explains. 


The team's next major campaign will focus on the subjects of immunity and mental health.


Immunity and stress

"We're excited to be launching a new product soon: 'Immunity and Stress' is a product that features ashwagandha and astragalus, a match made in heaven!" Anita says.


Anita says: “We will be promoting this new product together with a range of brand, educational and lifestyle content to help our customers cultivate and develop emotional and mental wellbeing. We also want to celebrate nature and its ability to replenish the soul in stressful times. We feel relaxed just thinking about it!"


Holistic health journeys

"Our customers are becoming more active in their health journeys. As a brand, we have always advocated for traditional medicines and a holistic approach to health, and it's exciting to see consumers engaging with these concepts in a way we haven't seen before.”


"Simplicity is key to a successful marketing campaign - there is always so much that could be done, so it's important to focus on key tactics and build upwards from there. We had great fun building this brand content – you can expect to see more of this kind of approach from us in the future, too!" ends Anita.

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