And the Judges Choice award goes to SFI Health Home of Flordis

The Judges Choice Award highlights an outstanding nomination that showcases the very best in our industry, but the criteria of which does not fit the remit of other awards. The winners of this year’s Judges Choice Award, SFI Health, the Home of Flordis, were congratulated for their innovative Menopause Hub. Featuring practical advice and insights from real women, the hub provides easy-to-navigate holistic and useable material focusing on the important yet often overlooked subject of menopause.

The team celebrates winning the Judge’s Choice award at the CMA conference

“Menopause is a natural stage of life,” says Jocelyn Carswell, Head of Marketing ANZ, “yet the topic is still so taboo. Our consumer research conducted in August 2021 found that a staggering four out of five Australians don’t know what menopause is. Plus, the majority of people don’t understand how it can impact a woman’s life nor how it can affect wellbeing,” she says.

Brand pillars

With the firm belief that knowledge is power, Jocelyn and the team focused on one of the company’s core brand pillars which is to help people make informed choices about their health. The team planned content that could improve and empower the lives of women (and their partners). The result was practical, educational, credible information about managing this stage of life in the most optimum way for every individual. Enter the Menopause Hub.

Women (and men) can access this online information destination to for sound, science-based information and share women’s first-hand experiences of peri-menopause, menopause and beyond. The wide variety of content includes articles, videos, an eBook and an interactive discussion guide checklist. The scope is broad and ranges from explaining body changes, how these can affect mood and stress and how dietary and lifestyle choices may help during the transition.

Raw, honest and open

“I particularly love the first-hand experience videos; they are raw and honest and provide hope and reassurance to women. This may be especially important for women who may be going through a tough time in their menopause journey,” says Jocelyn.

Menopause affects the whole body, so it makes sense to take a holistic approach to customer care.

“At SFI Health, we believe we have the responsibility to bring natural health solutions to people’s healthcare needs. Our holistic healthcare approach involves using multiple, proven, evidence-based natural health solutions that treat the whole person. The Menopause Hub includes health professional articles on nutrition, the important role of exercise and how to seek help from a trusted health professional confidently,” Jocelyn explains.

The Menopause Discussion Guide

“My team and I are especially proud of The Menopause Discussion Guide,” says Jocelyn. “This digital tool was specifically developed for the Menopause Hub with team working hard alongside a health professional to create the content and platform. In essence, the Discussion Guide is a phased checklist that prompts the user to note the body and mind symptoms they may be experiencing. By highlighting the most troublesome symptoms, the user can discuss concerns with a trusted health professional. This tool is beneficial because the user may not be aware of some of the lesser-known symptoms of menopause (it’s not just about hot flushes!). It is a great prompt for useful conversations with the health professional,” Jocelyn explains.

With 10,000 unique views since its launch in September 2021, users access all content on the Menopause Hub but understanding hot flushes and the E-book has been particularly popular.

Smashing the stigma

“Menopause gets such a bad rap, and there is still so much stigma surrounding what is a very normal stage of life,” says Jocelyn. “There are many ways to manage menopausal symptoms which are different for every woman. And it can be a time of empowerment – an exciting new chapter for many women, too.

I encourage readers to embrace this stage of life, to understand it and talk openly about menopause to not feel alone but empowered. After all, the more we talk about it, the more we normalise this natural life process, and the more the stigma will fade,” ends Jocelyn.



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