Letter to the editor: Dr Harvey is incorrect and biased

Dear editor, AJP

I was very disappointed to see that a respectable publication such as MJA would run a biased one-sided story by Dr Ken Harvey, without commentary from the TGA or CMA, the industry Association.

“Dr Harvey is incorrect and biased”: Carl Gibson.

If you had reached out to me, I would have told you that Dr Harvey is incorrect and biased before you ran a story that is wholly wrong.

The latest Aust-Listed (Assessed) product has been through two years of rigorous review by the TGA. The highly respected and world class medicines regulator that is the TGA which assesses evidence not Dr Harvey and his merry band of naysayers.

Dr Harvey does not have all the facts, or the latest evidence and you should know by now that he is clearly biased against our industry. However, you ran the one-sided piece without any thought on the damage this does to the reputation of the Regulator or the new Registration Pathway, which is designed to encourage investment in the evidence base for complementary medicines.

Yours sincerely

Carl Gibson, Chief Executive Officer, Complementary Medicines Australia

That was the letter sent by our CEO to the editor. Here is some more background reading …

Why now more than ever, consumers of Australian complementary medicines can feel more confident about the science than ever before

Complementary Medicines Australia (CMA) and the Australian complementary medicines industry promote appropriate regulation of our industry and advancement for this world-class industry supporting jobs nationally and internationally. We work to ensure that consumers have access to complementary medicines of the highest quality and the strict regulations within which Australian complementary medicines are manufactured in Australia means that consumers can be assured of the highest quality, efficacy, and safety. The extremely high standard to which Australian complementary medicines are manufactured also means that they are prized around the world for these reasons.

Whether natural medicines are registered or listed on the Australian Register or Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), Australian complementary medicines, are manufactured in licensed or approved facilities that follow the principles of good manufacturing practice (GMP).

AUST L (A) are assessed for efficacy

The TGA recently introduced the Aust L (A) system; it gives sponsors of

complementary medicines a new pathway. Medicines that carry the new AUST L (A) on

their label is ‘assessed listed’ medicines; they have had their health claims extensively

assessed for efficacy. The TGA examines and assesses the presented evidence

in detail, and it is this due diligence that means that consumers can be assured that extensive evidence supports the indications made on the label.

For more information, please see the TGA website: https://www.tga.gov.au/assessed-listed-medicines-pathway-complementary-medicines



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