Position Statement: Climate Action

Complementary Medicines Australia is committed to environmental, social and governance sustainability practices.

Climate change and biodiversity loss are threatening access to natural medicines, which are the primary form of healthcare for 80% of the world’s population.

The Australian complementary medicines industry is reliant upon the quality and biodiversity of nature and natural systems. Natural systems are increasingly impacted by the changing climate, accelerated by human modifications to air, water and land.

The ability of natural systems and natural capital, including agricultural systems, to continue to provide the bounty of ingredients of our current and future products is at risk of adverse change.

The WHO urges Member States to strengthen their own knowledge generation, collaboration and sustainable use of traditional and complementary medicine resources and be mindful of biodiversity and international treaties concerning endangered species.

Our customers and consumers expect us to take a responsible, measured and effective approach to sustaining natural systems and the resilience of our supply chains are dependent on our industry taking action.

Therefore, we all have an obligation to contribute to mitigating the adverse effects of climate change, its impact on biodiversity, and embedding measures in our business models to adapt to these changes.

The global benchmark for responsible practice is set by the United Nations Paris Agreement and the resulting targets and commitments at a national level.

The Australian complementary medicines industry is seen as the gold standard for quality and safety and should continue to lead the way in taking proactive steps to mitigate our impacts by setting ambitious medium to longer-term climate goals, supported by a realistic and measurable trajectory toward Net Zero Carbon Emissions.

Consequently, the CMA advocates that by 2025 CMA members will measure their greenhouse gas emissions footprint and have committed to an emissions reduction goal.

Last reviewed June 2022



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