Tech Alert: Upcoming Changes to Ingredients in the Permissible Ingredients Determination 

Today’s technical alert provides updated information for sponsors on upcoming changes to requirements of ingredients in the permissible Ingredients Determination:

 – Issues relating to ingredients that may be affected by TGO 95 (Child-resistant packaging standard) and actions sponsors should consider in relation to upcoming changes; and

 – Issues relating to identified discrepancies between ingredients and the Poisons Standard – changes to requirements in the Determination that will be made to a range of ingredients anticipated June-September 2022 and other future changes. Members must contact us if there are any issues or questions with the proposed new wording of the requirements for the list of changing ingredients.

Please read the full alert for more information and details and contact us if you are unable to open the alert.



Vale Stephen Myers

It is with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Emeritus Professor Stephen Myers late last week. Stephen was a giant in the

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