Recent consultation advocacy

CMA are pleased to share with our members some of the work that has been keeping us busy over recent months. CMA have submitted responses to a variety of consultations affecting various aspects of the complementary medicines sector, a summary of which is outlined below.

These submissions reflect our shared and ongoing commitment to the success of the sector. Our collective efforts as an industry continue to demonstrate dedication and commitment in advocating for positive change. We thank our members for their ongoing engagement. 

Please ensure you are logged in to the CMA website to view CMA’s submissions.

Turmeric, Curcumin, Green Tea and other ingredients (TGA)

– CMA submission to the TGA consultation: Proposed changes to the Permissible Ingredients Determination – low negligible risk: Curcuma species/curcumin; Green Tea; Soy-phosphatidylserine enriched ingredients; Kakadu plum – 14 September 2023. Link

Probiotics Regulations (TGA)

– CMA Submission to the TGA consultation: Guidelines for the Quality of Listed Probiotic Medicines – 8 September 2023.Link.

Sustainability & Environmental Product Claims (ACCC)

– CMA Submission to the ACCC consultation on Environmental and Sustainability Guidance – 15 September 2023. Link.

National Health and Climate Strategy (Dept. Health)

– CMA Submission to the Department of Health and Aged Care National Health and Climate Strategy – July 2023. Link.

Formulated supplementary sports foods (FSANZ)

– CMA Submission to the FSANZ review of Nutrition and Health Claims for formulated supplementary sports foods. Link.

Labelling of Complementary Medicines(TGA – early, non public consultation)

 CMA Submission to the TGA Targeted TGO 92 consultation: Australian medicine labelling rules: Targeted consultation on priorities for future improvement to TGO 91 and TGO 92 requirements. Link.

Labelling of Complementary Medicines that are large dosage forms (TGA early, non public consultation)

 CMA Submission to the TGA Targeted TGO 92 consultation*: Australian medicine labelling rules: Large solid oral dosage forms intended to be swallowed whole* Link.

*Please note, CMA’s response to the TGA Targeted consultation on TGO 92 will not be published on the TGA website, or made publicly CMA. This is strictly for member information purposes only and may not be re-published or reproduced.



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