Privacy Policy

1 Introduction

1.1 Complementary Medicines Australia Limited ABN 49 169 036 088 (“CMA”, ‘’we” and “us”) is committed to complying with all applicable laws including the Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles.

1.2 By providing your personal information to us and/or using CMA’s website you are agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy as may be amended from time to time. Please read this policy before using CMA’s website/s and/or providing us with your personal information.

1.3 CMA’s privacy collection notices may also provide more specific information relating to CMA’s privacy practices for particular services/products.

2 Scope

2.1 This policy sets out how CMA collects, accesses, stores and uses your personal information. The types of interactions CMA has with you will impact the types of personal information CMA collects.

2.2 Your personal information includes but is not limited to your name, address, email and/or mobile numbers, professional qualifications, your employer or the organisation you represent and your title. It may also include:

i. any special needs or disability you may have so CMA can help to address your requirements while you are attending any conference, event or other function organised, sponsored or supported by CMA;

ii. credit card or other payment information;

iii. your dietary preferences if CMA is arranging for food to be provided at a conference, function or other event;

iv. your travel and accommodation details and other personal identification information such as passport and visa details if the conference, event or function CMA is organising or sponsoring is overseas;

v. records of correspondence and interactions with our staff (including in person, online, by telephone, email and via social media);

3 Collection

3.1 Your personal information is collected by CMA in a variety of ways. These include but are not limited to when you:

i. communicate with us via the phone, email or other means (both electronically and otherwise);

ii. register to attend conferences, functions or other events locally or overseas which CMA is organising or sponsoring or in which CMA is participating;

iii. provide it to CMA at conferences, functions or other events which CMA organises, sponsors or in which CMA is participating;

iv. subscribe to emails, news or other updates or information published by CMA or people or organisations acting on behalf of CMA;

v. download an app at a conference, tradeshow or other exhibit organised, participated in or sponsored by CMA;

vi. complete a survey issued by CMA or the organisers of conferences/ tradeshows or other functions/events which CMA sponsors or in which it participates,

vii. opt-in to receive updates and other communications from CMA via mobile text message at a conference, event or other function organised, participated in, or sponsored by CMA;

viii. send a request or comment to CMA via its website/s or on social media;

ix. apply for CMA membership or your organisation/employer applies for membership and you are the delegate/nominee/contact for your organisation;

x. apply for employment or seek to provide consultancy or other services to CMA;

3.2 There are occasions when CMA may collect personal information about you from a publicly available source or a third party (such as a service provider or an organisation with which CMA is working or collaborating). The general circumstances in which this would occur are if you have consented to such collection, or you would reasonably expect CMA to collect your personal information that way, or that use is permitted by the Privacy Act or other legislation.

3.3 If you do not provide your personal information CMA may not be able to provide you with information or access to CMA conferences, functions or events, or other CMA’s services you request.

3.4 CMA’s servers may collect technical information or navigational information when you access CMA’s website/s. Examples of such information include your IP address, service provider, time spent on CMA’s site/s, cookies, browser types and URL accessed. Such information may be stored in Australia and/or overseas.

3.5 CMA may occasionally use third party platforms to deliver information to its members and other stakeholders. These platforms are sites hosted and managed by third parties other than CMA. Please read the third parties’ Privacy Policy to decide if you want to contribute to any third-party site.

4 Use and Disclosure

4.1 CMA uses your personal information to provide benefits and services to you and other stakeholders, and more generally to fulfil its core objectives. Personal information is collected for purposes which are directly related to CMA’s functions or activities and only when it is necessary for, or directly related to, such purposes. For example:

i. to process membership application and renewals;

ii. to communicate with you regarding conferences/functions/events and any associated travel and provide you with any related hospitality or special requirements you may have;

iii. to provide your information to any third parties assisting CMA with the organisation of conferences/functions/events to help meet your expectations;

iv. email addresses may be shared with third party digital platforms so they can deliver requested content or targeted messages;

v. to provide you with relevant news and other information;

vi. to reply to any questions you may ask;

vii. to populate and maintain CMA’s relationship tool/s such as contact lists for members and other stakeholders;

viii. to receive services from third parties assisting CMA to provide services and benefits to its members and other stakeholders;

ix. to investigate and resolve member complaints;

x. to organise and manage data, and collate and report statistical information and conduct business analysis about functions, events and other activities involving CMA;

xi. to consider applications for employment or consultancy services;

4.2 If you do not provide the requested personal information CMA may not be able to supply requested services, support or information.

4.3 CMA will not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent unless:

i. CMA considers you have been notified that information of that kind is usually passed to such third parties, or CMA considers you would reasonably expect it to be provided to a third party;

ii. disclosure is required to achieve the purpose for which you submitted it;

iii. the disclosure may prevent or lessen a serious or imminent threat to a person’s life or health; or

iv. the disclosure is authorised or otherwise required by law.

4.4 You acknowledge that where CMA provides your personal information to a third party, they may in turn disclose or use your personal information as authorised or otherwise required by law.

5 Data Quality and Security

5.1 Protecting and securing your personal information (including your sensitive information) is important to CMA.

5.2 By providing us with your personal information (including your sensitive information), you consent to CMA’s collection, use, disclosure of personal information and the storage of your personal information on servers located in Australia and/or overseas, as set out in this Privacy Policy.

5.3 CMA may store personal information (including sensitive information) in hard copy document files held in locked facilities and in appropriate circumstances archived and stored offsite. It may store personal information (including sensitive information) in electronic databases.

5.4 Reasonable steps are taken to securely store and protect your personal information (including sensitive information) from loss, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure, interference and misuse.

5.5 Where your personal information (including sensitive information) is no longer required, and where retention is not required by legislation CMA will take reasonable steps to delete or destroy your personal information in a secure manner or de-identify it.

5.6 Notwithstanding that CMA endeavours to protect the personal information and privacy of those that use its website/s, the security of any information disclosed online cannot be guaranteed. Please note that all personal information (including sensitive information) that you disclose online is at your own risk. If you are concerned about transmitting your personal information over the internet, please contact CMA.

5.7 Where CMA has provided you a password or you have chosen a password to access parts of CMA’s website/s you are responsible for ensuring the password is kept confidential and secure. The password is not to be shared with any other person and you are to comply with all applicable security procedures notified to you.

6 Overseas Transmission of Personal Information

6.1 CMA may disclose your personal information to overseas recipients as required to carry out CMA’s operations or business activities. For example, if organising a conference or function overseas CMA may disclose your personal information to third parties assisting in organising the conference or function such as accommodation and hospitality providers, and guest-coordinators.

6.2 If you provide personal information to CMA, you are consenting to CMA disclosing your personal information to countries overseas where the recipient may not be subject to a law or binding scheme that is similar in effect to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles. This means that CMA will not be accountable under the Privacy Act and you will not be able to seek redress under the Privacy Act.

7 Currency and Accuracy of Personal Information

7.1 It is important that personal information held by CMA remains complete, accurate and current. While CMA uses reasonable efforts to do so, please inform CMA of any changes to applicable personal information held by CMA in relation to membership or otherwise.

7.2 CMA will update the personal information it holds when it is advised by individuals that their personal information has changed, and at other times as necessary.

8 Access to Personal Information

8.1 If you request access or changes to your personal information, CMA will provide access or make the requested changes unless CMA considers there is a sound reason under the Privacy Act or other applicable law to withhold the information, or not make the requested change. We may ask you to provide proof of identity. We may also charge you the reasonable cost of providing your personal information.

8.2 Please contact CMA as set out in section 10.1 below to update or correct your personal information.

8.3 Should CMA decline your request, CMA will provide you with a written notice explaining why and how a complaint can be made to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (“OAIC”).

9 Changes

9.1 CMA may update this policy from time to time without notice to you. The most recent version of CMA’s Privacy Policy is located on our website.

10 Questions or Concerns

10.1 You can contact CMA’s Chief Executive Officer if you have concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy or the way your personal information is handled by sending:

i. an email to:

ii. a letter by mail to:

The Chief Executive Officer

Complementary Medicines Australia

PO Box 450

Mawson ACT 2607

CMA will respond within a reasonable time.

10.2 You may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by:

i. telephoning 1300 363 992,

ii. by sending an email to:; or

iii. by using the contact details on the OAIC website at if you are not satisfied with the reply.