CMA hosts the Australian Pavillion at Healthplex 2024 in Shanghai

This week, CMA again hosted the Australian Pavilion at Healthplex 2024 in Shanghai, China.

This year we were joined by CMA members Blackmores, Bluegum Pharmaceuticals, FPA Group, Homart Group, Lavida Pharmaceuticals, and Lipa Pharmaceuticals, who helped us to showcase Australia’s exceptional products and services to China and the world.

As part of the event, CMA CEO John O’Doherty signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products on behalf of Complementary Medicines Australia.

“This MOU celebrates our partnership, friendship and commitment to working together,” said Mr O’Doherty.

“Australia takes immense pride in being one of the largest exporters of health products to China. The quality, safety and efficacy of our products are unparalleled. But this partnership goes well beyond trade. Our two countries share a common bond and passion for supporting the health and wellbeing of our people.”

The Australian complementary medicines industry is a thriving sector, valued at over $6.4 billion annually and continues to go from strength to strength.

“Our products are renowned globally for their quality. And this reputation has earned us the trust and recognition of Chinese consumers, who increasingly prioritise health and wellness. As we look to the future, innovation will be the driving force behind our industry’s success, both within Australia and globally. Australian brands are taking a consumer-centric approach, tailoring their offerings to meet the unique preferences and needs of consumers, including the Chinese market,” said Mr O’Doherty.

“This strategic shift not only contributes to ongoing demand and growth but also fosters a deeper connection with consumers, ensuring their evolving needs are met with precision.”



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