Tech Alert: NEW Therapeutic Goods Advertising and Compliance Education Plan 2023 

The TGA has published a web page outlining new priority areas for compliance education activities relating to advertising of therapeutic goods for 2023, in alignment with the Import, Advertsising and Supply Compliance priorities 2022-23.

The plan has been developed in consultation with the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Consultative Committee (TGACC), of which CMA are a member and involved on ongoing engagement. CMA welcomes feedback, insights and input form industry members on any/all of the matters outlined, via

The TGA’s 2023 compliance education priorities include.

– Communication and education products relating to Import, Advertsising and Supply Compliance priorities 2022-23: including:

Performance and image enhancing therapeutic goods

Unapproved therapeutic goods on digital platforms

Medicinal cannabis industry compliance

Therapeutic goods used in beauty industry

Timely communication on regulatory changes and emerging issues; including:

website information, webinars and training materials

– Publish information on compliance and enforcement activities for transparency and as a deterrent to non-compliance; including: 

Publishing information for stakeholders on outcomes of investigations of import, advertising and supply investigations

– Maintain and enhance fit-for-purpose educational resources on the TGA website and provide training and education opportunities; including:

Education campaigns

Advertsising hub improvements

Development of educational materials to support advertising compliance

Stakeholder engagement

Education and training

– Engage with key stakeholders, including members of the TGACC [including CMA] as partners in education and communication activitie

– Maintain and enhance an advertising enquiry management function


– TGA web page: Therapeutic Goods Advertising and Compliance Education Plan 2023

– TGA web page: Therapeutic Goods Advertising Compliance Education Strategy 2021

– Therapeutic Goods (Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code) Instrument 2021

– TGA web page: How we manage advertising compliance

– CMA 26 July 2022 tech Alert: TGA Compliance Priorities 2022-23: Import, Advertising and Supply including unapproved goods, e-commerce suppl



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