The industry honours the inimitable, irreplaceable, incredible Marcus Blackmore

Marcus Blackmore accepts the Lady Cilento Award at the 23rd Industry Awards and black and white with Dr Lendon Smith, the keynote speaker at the NNFA convention 1982.

This award is the complementary medicine industry’s most prestigious award recognising an individual’s lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution to the industry and community. The Lady Cilento award acknowledges an individual’s professionalism, the contribution of exceptional merit, and the reflection of high aspirations benefiting the complementary healthcare ethos.

Over a hundred years ago, in 1919, Lady Cilento advocated using vitamin D to treat severe rickets. She was called a maverick and a crank by the medical profession, yet, time has shown that she was a great visionary in nutrition and medicine.

At the 23 Industry Awards on Thursday last week, the 50th Anniversary of CMA in all its iterations, the industry honoured a true legend, the father of the Australian natural medicine industry, on whose shoulders the entire sector stands – Marcus Blackmore.

Marcus donates millions of dollars to research and the science of complementary medicines. Having served in military service where he was a second lieutenant ice in Vietnam, Marcus also does much for veteran affairs.

Marcus began working in his father Maurice’s food store in Brisbane before building the Blackmores brand into the incredibly successful business it is today.

Marcus was the foundation President of the Nutritional Foods Association of Australia. He started the Industry Association. On our 50th Anniversary, we cannot think of anyone more deserving.

Marcus also planned our Association’s very first convention back in 1977.

It was Marcus who proposed the industry contribution award, and it was first presented to Lady Phyllis Cilento at the opera House in 1977. Meanwhile, Marcus Blackmore was awarded NNFA Industry Award in 1981 but has yet to win the Lady Cilento Award – until now.

We offer our heartfelt congratulations.



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