The Supplement: 9 May 2024


It was great to see so many of you at our 2024 Innovation Day on Tuesday in Sydney. The day was a huge success, filled with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and a shared commitment to innovation within the complementary medicines sector.

As I mentioned in the opening session, innovation in product development has never been more crucial for our sector, and it’s the driving force behind our progress, differentiation, and ultimately, success. Hearing from our diverse speakers at Innovation Day, as well as many of the conversations I had with members during the day, really reinforced the incredible ingenuity and creativity within our industry.

By prioritising rigorous scientific inquiry, evidence-based practices, and technological advancements, we are elevating complementary medicine to new levels of efficacy and credibility.

A big shout out to the whole CMA team who worked hard behind the scenes and on the day and delivered an impressive event. And I’d also like to extend my thanks to all our presenters, sponsors and exhibitors for contributing to a great event.

And building on the momentum of Innovation Day, on Wednesday we held an in-person Regulatory Committee planning session to look at strategy and chart our course for the year ahead, ensuring we remain proactive and strategic in navigating regulatory challenges and opportunities.



New from the TGA: boundary and combination products list

Following stakeholder feedback, the TGA has published a list of examples of common boundary and combination products, and their likely regulation category.

Click here to see the list.

TGA Advisory Committee vacancies: Apply now 

Applications are now open for positions on a number of TGA statutory advisory committees, including the Advisory Committee on Complementary Medicines (ACCM) and the Advisory Committee on Medicines Scheduling (ACMS). Professionals with relevant expertise in medicine and science, and consumers with relevant expertise in consumer perspectives, are invited to apply.

Having relevant experts with a strong understanding of complementary medicines in these positions is instrumental in shaping crucial TGA decisions and influencing broader complementary medicines regulation. Applications close 11.30pm, Sunday 26 May 2024. Click here for more information or to apply.

USP compendial updates

USP has published new compendial updates, including New Interim Revision Announcements for Zinc Chloride and Zinc Sulfate; and New Harmonized Standard for Microbial Enumeration. These notices help inform stakeholders of the changing status of USP monographs and general chapters and other USP standards-setting initiatives.

ABC HerbClip 

The American Botanical Council has published new summaries and critical reviews of medicinal plant-related research, including:

●      a prospective, open-label, and single-arm study on the effects of peppermint oil in IBS.

●      a randomised blinded controlled trial on the effects of lavender in neuralgia.

Click here to read more.

Australian Pregnancy Care Guidelines revisions

The latest revisions to the Australian Pregnancy Care Guidelines highlight updates in recommendations regarding social and emotional screening during pregnancy. These include screening for depression, anxiety, and assessment of psychosocial factors. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on all recommendations. For further details or to provide feedback, click here.

Food Regulation update

The Food Ministers’ Meeting met on 3 May 2024 to consider food regulation and policy matters. Some of the key meeting discussions and outcomes included:

●      the Food Regulation Agreement

●      regulatory considerations for cell-based human milk products

●      monitoring the uptake of the Health Star Rating system

●      consumer Insights Tracker results.

Click here to read the full details.


Diplomatic Business Connection Dinner

Last Friday, CMA attended the Diplomatic Business Connection Dinner organised by the Canberra Business Council. We were privileged to meet senior representatives from key industry partners countries such as China, India, and others from potential new markets. Networking events like this provide CMA with important opportunities to build networks that we can leverage to represent the industry when export issues emerge, such as the current issues we’re facing with China and India. We will continue to keep you updated on our progress with addressing these and other trade matters.


Update: New Trade Regulation on Import Restriction

CMA recently advised members that the Indonesian Government has issued a new regulation, the Minister of Trade Regulation No. 36 of 2023 on import policies and arrangements (Regulation 36/2023), which came into effect on 10 March 2024 (Indonesia Update on 11 April 2024). DFAT/Austrade has advised CMA that the Indonesian Government has now announced that it is currently revising Regulation 36/2023, specifically on the important restriction aspect of the regulation, and particularly in relation to the challenges round obtaining technical recommendation (PERTEK) from the Ministry of Industry and Import Approval (PI) from the Ministry of Trade. At this stage, there is no clear guidance on whether businesses would still need to obtain the import approvals and quotas as mandated under Regulation 36/2023. CMA will continue to work with the Australian Government and keep members updated as more information is available.


NZ Government Officially Announces Repeal of the Therapeutic Products Act 2023The New Zealand Government officially announced on 8 May 2024 that the Therapeutic Products Act (2023) will be repealed this year. The Therapeutic Products Act had intended to set up a new regulatory regime for natural health products in New Zealand, and CMA had worked closely with the TGA, DFAT, the Australian High Commission in NZ, and Austrade to promote the harmonisation of the new regime with that of Australia’s. In place of the Act, the NZ government has announced that it will develop a modern, risk proportionate regulatory regime for medicines and medical devices, and a separate modernised regime for natural health products. Click here to read the Media Release. CMA will keep members updated as more information becomes available.


CMA welcomes our newest member, Bioflex Nutrition. Get to know them them a bit better below:

“Bioflex Nutrition, trading under the more well-known name Bulk Nutrients, with its 15 years’ experience is a dynamic and reputable player in the health and fitness industry, committed to providing top-notch nutritional supplements for individuals striving to achieve their fitness goals. With a relentless dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Bioflex Nutrition has earned a stellar reputation as a leading supplier of premium sports nutrition products.

As the flagship brand, Bulk Nutrients exemplifies Bioflex Nutrition’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Boasting a comprehensive range of high-quality supplements, including protein powders, amino acids, vitamins, and more, Bulk Nutrients caters to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and health-conscious individuals alike. The brand is synonymous with purity and potency, utilising cutting-edge formulations and rigorous testing protocols to ensure that every product meets the highest industry standards.

What sets Bioflex Nutrition apart is its holistic approach to health and wellness. Emphasising the importance of science-backed formulations, the company strives to empower individuals on their fitness journey by providing them with the tools they need to optimise performance, enhance recovery, and achieve lasting results. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a fitness novice, Bulk Nutrients has something to offer, supporting you at every step of your health and fitness evolution.

With a customer-centric philosophy and its mission of making quality supplements more affordable, Bioflex Nutrition prides itself on transparent communication, educational resources, and a commitment to ethical business practices. The brand’s dedication to quality assurance extends beyond product development, fostering a sense of trust and reliability among its growing customer base.”


In case you missed it: CMA members can access an exclusive discount for the Growth Asia Summit, which returns to Singapore in July.

Organised by NutraIngredients-Asia and FoodNavigator-Asia, the event will feature extensive expert insights from big-name brands, leading academics, market and trends specialists, policy experts, and the most innovative suppliers. Alongside CMA, other confirmed speakers include senior leaders from H&H Group, Blackmores, JS Health, BYHEALTH, Life-Space Group, ADM and many more.

Registrations are open now. Enter the code TRADEGA24 when registering to take advantage of a 25% discount. For the full program and tickets, click here.



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